Monday, February 15, 2010

Country Chic

I can't believe it's still snowing! Not being able to do anything on my week off is absolutely devastating. Can someone please whisk me away to a shabby chic country house?!

1. Old Hickory Tannery - "Wild West" Chair
2. "Industrial" Dining Furniture
3. Old Hickory Tannery - Collage Settee
4. "Ophelia" Dinnerware
5. "Manchester" Bedroom Furniture
6. Old Hickory Tannery - Leather Balloon Armchair


The Daily Connoisseur said...

LOL- Sorry about the snow- but these visions of lovely furniture must make it all better! xo

Pug1 said...

I LOVE Horchows things!!!!! CHEERS! Michele

The romantic query letter and the happy-ever-after said...

I love this post, just lovely. Elegant truly.
Warm regards,

Vær våken said...

So nice!! I'd like to sit down by that table right now - with all the candles!!!! And...I'll come with you to that shabby chic country house. It is snowing here, too!!

xoxo, Kristin