Saturday, April 21, 2012

My 11 Favorite Things

Favorite music for ambience:
I love Adele, Marvin Gaye, Beyonce, Jessie J & Lenny Kravitz,
and right now I’m listening to Lana Del Rey.

Favorite things to read on blogs:
I love personal stories from bloggers, shared with personal things,
photos, what they’re wearing, what they’re eating, travel journals, etc.

Favorite hotels or holiday destination:
I’ve never been, but one the things on my bucket list (yes, I made one)
is to stay at the Plaza Athenée in Paris. The Ritz will do as well.
As for destinations, I’m super excited for Copenhagen next week.
USA, France, South-Africa, Canada are next on my list!

Plaza Athenée
Prestige suite at the Plaza Athenée.

Favorite weekend pasttime:
Sleeping in, baking, blogging, meeting up with friends & drinking wine.

Favorite color and how used:
I love the color red. I think every woman should own a red dress.
It’s one of the most fabulous feelings in the worlds to walk around
in a red dress. It immediately gives you confidence.

My favorite red dress by Jane Norman.

Red Dress - Lana del Rey Quote

Favorite must-have items for the home:
Anything from Zara Home will do for the home. I personally love their
bath ensembles and duvet covers.

Favorite style of furniture:
Classic French style with a feminine touch.
Click here to see my favourite interiors.

Favorite things you collect:
I collect Vogue magazine covers to put under my glass desktop.

My Ikea desktop.

Favorite designers or influences:
Garavani Valentino, Christian Lacroix and Karl Lagerfeld.

Favorite shop and why:
Zara Home, Maisons du Monde, Bed Bath and Beyond and Zara: all four great quality, low-cost stores that I can always find something I’m looking for.

Favorite room in your house:
My bedroom. My private space, ‘me’-time and sanctuary all in one room.

Tufted Bed
My bed: headboard by Maisons du Monde, bed linens by Zara Home.

I've been tagged by the lovely Chateau de Lille for my 11 favorite things!

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The next 11 questions will be:
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Would be fun in you participate along! And for those of you who haven't been
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Anonymous said...

I love love love this post. Enjoy it in Denmark, hope you have there better weather than we have here in Sweden ;-) J.

Anonymous said...

I love that red dress:) Its a sexy colour but not for all to wear ..its a question of skintone:)


FlickChick said...

I just adores this blog - so femme!

Kathleen said...

I love the skirt and I agree with you that Zara is a great place to shop. Thanks for this wonderful blog.

Anonymous said...

I found a pin of your dress on pintrest and absolutely LOVE it! Looking for that kind of dress for my reception dinner, so my question is: When did you buy it?? It's stunning!!

Paris Pastry said...

Thanks! It's from Jane Norman :) Try checking her website!

Anonymous said...

Hi I love that Jane Norman dress. I looke don the website but I dont see it. Did it have a style name?

Paris Pastry said...

Well I bought it at the beginning of the Summer, so it must have been a Spring/Summer dress, so I'm guessing it's not available anymore :( I don't know the style name.

Anonymous said...

How long ago did you get that red dress? It's gorgeous! Do they still have that dress at the Jane Norman store/site?

Unknown said...

hi i was wondering, can you upload a picture of the back the red dress by Jane Norman

Paris Pastry said...

Hi Heidi! It's actually the same as the front; a v-shape that goes down the back.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! You look STUNNING in that red dress! Absolutely breathtaking!!!