Friday, February 5, 2010


I made some chocolate éclairs for my other blog's blogoversary.
It made me think of Fauchon and its gorgeous éclairs.

Fauchon is Paris' most celebrated pastry shrine.

Auguste Fauchon opened his first boutique in 1866 on Place de la Madeleine.
Now, it has hundreds of boutiques all over the world.

Stepping in Fauchon you immediately notice the hot pink interior.

Browsing the window display, your eye catches the colorful éclairs.

Mona Lisa keeps watching you to see what you're going to buy ...

You can pick a 'healthy' peas & carrots éclair, or a 'wild' cheetah éclair ...

Why not a box full of them?

I know I certainly would!


Images: 1. Fauchon, 2. Roboppy, 3. JoseJL, 4. DolceDanielle, 5. MelletingMixPix, 6. Clairmeneely, 7. Meg Zimbeck, 8. Bloggyboulga, 9. Bloggyboulga, 10. 8tokyo.


VM Creation Atelier said...


It´s SO delicious!!!-)*

Pretty photos and feelings do you have,dear friend!

Have a nice,fabulous weekend!-)*

With love,


Katy said...

Beautiful pictures and those eclairs looks sooo delicious.

Vær våken said...

I sure get hungry by looking at those pictures!! Love it!! Have the most wonderful weekend! xoxo, Kristin

Rebecca said...

I am getting hungry looking at those beautiful photographs! I go to Paris every year and not heard of this place, shame on me! It looks amazing!

The Pocket Stylist said...

D* Lish I want one right now thanks doll kiss::kiss

Unknown said...

Oh my lord!! I have to vist this place, I think I'm in love.

Paris Miniatures said...

I can't believe I never tried one:-(
It has to be on my "to do" list of 2010, thank you for reminding me!!!

Phuoc said...

Oh wow! These look fantastic! I definately need to do my research because last year when I went to Paris I didn't go to any of the famous patisseries :(