Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Macarons, macarons, macarons

I'm always sad to leave Paris.
I miss the food the most.
Farewell my beloved gateau,
pain au chocolat et les macarons

But, psssh, I'll let you in on a secret ...
Don't tell anyone!
I have found a shop near me that sells macarons!

Macarons outside France, you say?
I'm there!

I spotted this macaron ad:
100 grams of macarons (3.5 oz), only €3,50!

100 grams will buy you 8 mini macarons.
I'll take what I can get!

Vanilla, raspberry, lemon, chocolate, café and pistachio.
I'd rate them a 7 out of 10,
except for the pistachio, who scores an 8 out of 10!

They are, of course, no where near Pierre Hermé's
perfect macarons. And I do mean perfect!

Though they're much better than the
macaron I had in Brussels, Belgium.

Or my own home-made macaron,
for that matter ...

Yes, no macaron can top Paris' macarons!

Au Revoir!


Anonymous said...

Uh oh, now my sweet tooth is kicking it! Yum!

Cherry Blossoms said...

I also found a bakery in my town that makes macaroons. The owner studied for several years in Paris. Nothing the same but close enough that I will never pass one up!

M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell said...

I am drooling! Yum and so pretty!

Unknown said...

Oh! Those macaroons teasing me again in cyberspace! And, my favorite, chocolate croissants!

Vær våken said...

Looks good!!! Lucky you...I have no place I can buy macarons :( :( Happy Easter!

:) Kristin

VM Creation Atelier said...

These colors are SO pretty,lovely and full of live!-)*

I've never tasted macarons...

Wish you very sunny,beautiful Easter days,my dear fiend!-)))*

Much Love,

Champagne Macarons said...

You had me at macaron ... There is a french cafe near my home that sells wonderful macarons. Although they are delicious, I prefer to have them in Paris.
xoxo, B

Sweet European Dreams said...

I'm thrilled that I found your blog today - fun frenchy stuff! My most favorite macarons are from Sprüngli in Zurich. They are amazing! But ALL macarons are beautiful, no matter where they're from!

Bumpkin on a Swing said...

I had to come back one more time to look at the macaroons.