Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dining in Gold

Who dines in gold nowadays? I must admit, I haven't got a single gold tableware item, but I'm loving it more every day. It just looks so festive and as if warmth is radiating through your dining room.

1. Gold-accent Cake Stand
2. Wallace - Hammered Flatware Service
3. Gold-plated Teapot
4. "Tulip" Stemware
5. Michael Wainwright - "Gold Coil" Dinnerware
6. "Euro Beads" Flatware


Anonymous said...

I would dine in gold! Stunning. xo

Unknown said...

What a beautiful combination of colors. You always have amazing selections and a great eye for putting things together!:-)
Thank you for your wonderful comment under my Chanel clogs post. Well, I am happy to say that your input in combination with strawberry cheescake worked miracles!:-) Now I can not even imagine how on Earth I could consider spending so much on a pair of shoes. :-)))

P.S. I am wondering if you received your package with a prize. It should have arrived by now and I am starting to worry a bit...

highheeledlife said...

The settings look so opeulent,and inviting.... maybe for a great celebration.. like the new SATC movie ... :)

Little Emma English Home said...

The gold cake stand and cutlery are fab!! Gold is always very luxurious, maybe that's why it doesn't make me feel comfortable....I'm more a pub girl ;) but stunning photos!

Bisous xoxo

Mary Ann said...

love anything with a touch of gold, and the blue dress? gorgeous! have a great weekend! verbena cottage

Vær våken said...

I want all this to be mine! So glamorous!! I love golden things! Thanks for sharing! I don't dare to think about the price!

Kristin xx