Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Patisseries of Paris

Let me tell you Francophiles about a book I purchased recently:

‘The Patisseries of Paris’

by Jamie Cahill
photographs by Alison Harris

I have wanted this book for so long.
I first spotted it at a Barnes & Noble in Washington DC
on my Summer vacation last year.

I even wrote about it in my travel journal.
This is what I wrote:

“I came across this amazing little book at Barnes & Nobles today.
‘The Patisseries of Paris’ - $16. I really really wanted to buy it,
but I'm not sure if I'll get much use out of it.”

You can imagine my joy as I saw this little treasure
on sale last week. It's a very handy book.
The patisseries are listed per arrondissment.

Accompanied with beautiful photography and
insightful tips.

Now all I need to do is whisk myself off to Paris
and let the feast of patisseries begin!

Au Revoir,


How To Be Perfect said...

I've been eyeing this up for ages maybe I will get one before my next trip x

Anonymous said...

That sounds wonderful. Such a fun way to (re)discover different areas!

High Heeled Life said...

Thanks for posting about this book - I was not aware of it. I will look for it next tme I'm in our local book store.

We did a small chocolate tour when we were in Paris earlier this year and what an experience!!!!

The images you showed have me wanting to get on a plane right now...HHL

Cherry Blossoms said...

What a fun discovery!

Mary Ann said...

hello danielle! I have missed a lot of your inspiring posts, lots of catch up to do. It is great to be back. Have a wonderful day! verbena cottage

astheroshe said...

I'll be running to my bookshop 2 moro!

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Hi,darling Daniella:-)*

It likes as I going there...and try all these delicious things!!!
Oh,how much I would love to do this!-)*

Just so good descovery,thank you:-)


Sweet Freak said...

Miam miam, I am ON the case!

Porchlight Interiors said...

Looks devine! The French just do it all so perfectly! Tracey xx

Anonymous said...

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