Monday, August 2, 2010

Colorful Contrasts

1. Leather Dining Furniture
2. Patchwork Ottoman
3. Old Hickory Tannery - Patch-Stripe Settee
4. John-Richard Collection - "Orleans" Mirrored Chest
5. Wooden Console
6. "Artist's Palette" Vases


Anonymous said...

I love that first room with the vibrant blue ~ who knew a bright color like that could look so chic! xo

Anonymous said...

I'm more of a neutrals person but I do want a 'pop' of colour somewhere... I just can't decide on the colour!

highheeledlife said...

loving that patchwork ottoman!!..HHL

La Boheme said...

Beautiful pictures and beautiful blog! Happily following :)

VM Creation Atelier said...

Heelo,sweetheart Daniella:-)* much i like colours and contrasts!
These vases are stunning!!!


Unknown said...

This is great, it's hard to get bold colours right but these are lovely. x

Vær våken said...

I love the dining room! The chairs and the carpet - perfect! Have a great day! :)

bubbles on my planet said...

love this selection!! I love the artists vases, there are just great! and also the painting above the wooden console is fabulous!!

By the way, i'm french but leaving in spain and just tell you your two blogs are fantastic (i just discovered them today) and yet added them to my blog

Mariel Torres said...

what a stunning dining set!