Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Les Saisons


blossoms in the park, paris


Place des Vosges - Paris (France)


Paris Carousel


Snow on Paris

So the snow has started to come down.
I kinda like it.

There is nothing more relaxing that sitting
by the window staring at the snow falling from the sky.

Which is what I did yesterday for a full hour and a half,
when I had plenty of other things to do ...

Hooray for winter!

My Love,

Images: 1. carrie mck, 2. Meteorry, 3. jfl1066, 4. MicMacPics1


VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Paris...Just adore you post,sweetheart Daniella!!!


Much Love to you,

Cherry Blossoms said...

Such beautiful photos. When my husband and I were in Paris last year we came across the same carousel so we snapped a bunch of photos. Now, two of the carousel photos are framed and are sitting on a shelf in our baby girl's nursery. 11 more days till my due date so I hope she loves her french inspired nursery as much as her mommy does! Enjoy the snow and have a wonderful cup of cocoa and a macaroon for me!

"All things French" said...

Beautiful pics especially the Printemps ~ and the carousel in the park is just gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you tease me with the Paris photos. I would love to sit in a Parisian cafe and watch the snow falling. xo

bubbles on my planet said...

very lovely pictures!

Kristin said...

Hi Danielle! I so agree with you. There's nothing like watching the snow falling. It makes me so happy! I'm so glad you have snow too! Today we had -15C/5F and it is cold! The winter arrived earlier than usual this year - early november, but now I'm so okey with it now. Hope you have an enchanting December! Have a lovely day!

Kristin xo