Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Dita von Teese Cointreau Coffret


My Christmas wishlist is pretty far up there,
but I wanted to add one last item:

The Dita von Teese "My Private Cointreau Coffret"

This gorgeous make-up case includes a bottle of Cointreau,
two cocktail glasses and a pink cobbler shaker - $299.


Cocktails, Dita & a make-up case,
what more can a girl ask for, Santa?

My Love,

Images: Zimbio


VM Creation Atelier said...

Woow...you are unbelievebly great,Daniella:-)))*

LOVE this first image...SO magic and so fabulous!!!

Cheers and love to you,

Miss said...

I love it!!I want one, too.Your blog is very lovely!


Vær våken said...

Dear Danielle, what a lovely post!!! I want that dress also and whatever it is hanging on her back. Glamour!!! And one make-up case, please!

Have a lovely day!

Kristin xo

cocoa and coconut said...

These are beautiful! I wish I could buy these for my sister, who loves Dita and cocktails ;) Super girly, what more could I expect from your beautiful blog?

bubbles on my planet said...

amazing! what a great idea for Christmas!! the make-up case is so lovely :)