Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's Hip To Be Square

1. Set of Nine Multi-Poppy Paintings
2. Jamie Young - Cubed Faux-Horn Lamp
3. "Birds On Wire" Leather Chair
4. Onyx Side Tale
5. John-Richard Collection - Mirrored Cube
6. Cherry Blossoms Paintings


Anonymous said...

Those mirrored cubes are just gorgeous!!! Love them. xo

SoozNooz said...

Cubism is back! Love the cherry blossom paintings.

TimbarikaDoll said...

I really like those glass cubes, those are just sweet!! Lovely mood of the pictures. Thanks for the blog comment, I had a great Valentine's day, I hope you did too!! xx

Andrea Vázquez said...

I really love tour blog i guiño is faboules!


D for Design said...

I love the lamp!!

Sandy said...

I would love to know where you found the poppy art!!!

Paris Pastry said...

@Sandy: It's from :) I'm not sure if they still have it though.

Eric & Aimei Phillips said...

where are the cherry blossoms from? I love them!