Tuesday, August 9, 2011

French Mademoiselle in Paris: Day 6

Bonjour Madames!

It has taken me 5 days to realize that there is a Eric Kayser boulangerie
just steps away from my apartment.

Both Jamie Cahill and Dorie Greenspan recommend a trip to this artisan boulangerie.

"Eric Kayser, boulanger extraordinaire, is a household Paris name
known for his excellent breads. His eleven shops around the city
(and others in France and around the world) sell every imaginable
variety and combination of grain, nut, cheese, or fruit. The
impressive bread selection overshadows the sweet counter."

writes Jamie Cahill in 'The Pâtisseries of Paris'.

Dorie Greenspan recommends Kayser's baguette, fondants aux pommes,
tarte Normande and brioche au sucre.
I bought the latter and a croissant for le petit déjeuner.

Eric Kayser - Artisan Boulanger

Eric Kayser - Artisan Boulanger

Eric Kayser - Artisan Boulanger

I needed a good breakfast because I had been planning to spend the day shopping.
The next few hours I spend in extacy the Printemps and Galleries Lafayette.

I went to Zara Home, Lafayette Maison and a few other great interior stores.
Blissfully browsing from bed duvets to porcelain dinnerware :).


Galleries Lafayette

Galleries Lafayette

The dangerous thing of shopping in Paris is that you loose track of time.
When I finally managed to drag myself away from the fabulous furniture
and fashion, I learned that it was 15:30 already.

Time for food! Fauchon food.





When I first started this blog, I wrote a post about Fauchon.
I have also baked their coffee éclairs for Paris Pastry.

And today I enjoyed one of their iconic éclairs.
The Mona Lisa éclair, otherwise known as éclair Joconde.

She was a delight. Inside and out!
Six euros. I find it a bargain for a real Mona Lisa!




"For many people, Fauchon is to food what the Louvre is to art:
the best place to get an overview of the field. Now that I think
about it, maybe a visit to Fauchon is even better than time at the
Louvre. After all, at Fauchon, the masterpieces are all there for
the taking - and tasting."
says Dorie Greenspan in 'Paris Sweets'.

Bonne Journée,


BellaVida said...

wow, the food looks amazing. i cant wait to visit paris next year.


It's ALWAYS a good moment for Fauchon!

Suzi said...

I am watching every move of your lovely adventure...
Yes Gerard Merlot is a little allusive. I couldnt find him either on first looking.
His St Germain Store is on 76 Rue de Seine, Paris . It's tucked away on a corner.You walk away from the Seine end cross a few streets and waalaa. I mention this one because it is close to where we were. So worth finding and I did find it. x
Happy journeys in Paris today

BonjourRomance said...

SOunds like you are having a fabulous time - sorry for all the rain we've been having, very unusual. I love eclairs! Lots of new tea rooms in Paris now, if you try Maison Freres go to the one across the Seine in the 6th - less crowded and a nice dingin room upstairs.

Anonymous said...