Friday, December 2, 2011

This Week's Fabulosity: Valentino


When it comes to boots, fashion has long evolved from the plain black leather
knee-boots. During winter time you can wear boots that are a light color,
suede... heck, even Uggs were popular once, and over-the-knee boots aren't just
for Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman anymore. (they better not!! I just bought them)


Well Valentino has stepped up their game in the boots-department by creating
unique semi-sheer lace-appliquéd mesh knee boots.


As unpractical as these boots may be, I must admit I find them very pretty.
But then again, the most fashionable accessories usually are the most
unpractical ones.


I would pair them with this white wool and cashmere Valentino coat.

Images: Net-A-Porter

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Tip Top Shape said...

Not a fan of the boots, but I love the coat!