Sunday, May 13, 2012

French Madame in Denmark - Part II

Carrot Cake with Mascarpone & Hot Chocolate


After the long shopping street, we were searching for a place to sit and indulge
in our sweet tooth and we found the perfect hot spot to relax and stare
politely look at Danish men.

I ordered a carrot cake which was the most amazing, incredibly spiced cake!
And a hot chocolate called varm chokolade in Danish.

Amazing Hot Chocolate in Copenhagen

We took a taxi boat to go from one place to another, and these are the sights
I spotted from the boat:

The Museum of National History, Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

Like the Netherlands, Denmark is a country where everybody bikes so I loved
seeing a Dutch bike in Copenhagen:

Dutch Bike in Copenhagen

Copenhagen's city hall:

Townhall, Copenhagen

Townhall, Copenhagen

Townhall, Copenhagen

Another random gorgeous building. A museum perhaps?

Copenhagen, Denmark

Though I've learned that Danes are not religious, they do have some impressive
churches. This is the Church of Our Savior. You can walk all the way to the top.

Church of Our Saviour: Copenhagen, Denmark

At the end of our day in Copenhagen, we visited the psychology faculty and
dined & danced the night away. All in all, a perfect day in Copenhagen! ♥

Copenhagen University

The Danish countryside in Rødby, Lolland:

Rødby, Denmark

Rødby, Denmark

At the congress, each European country participating served traditional
food & drink of their own country. We served Gouda cheese, oranje bitter drink,
and stroopwafels (caramel-filled waffle cookies) which everyone went crazy for!

We wore red, white & blue flag dresses which men everyone seemed to enjoy.

Cultural Evening

Dutch Food

This was my week in Denmark!
For Danish-inspired recipes I've baked since my return click here & here.

Vi ses!


Anonymous said...

Foto bellissime! baci dall'Italia Sara

Sofie said...

"Another random gorgeous building" is: "Statens Museum for Kunst" (National Gallery of Denmark) :)

Regards Sofie

Unknown said...

Those Danish bikes look so cool. I don't know what it is (maybe the style and build?) but it makes me giggle. And the food looks so delicious!! Yumm :)

Misbah said...

Beautiful Pics, also from Part 1. Glad that you enjoyed your trip here :)

Princesse Étourdie said...

I love your Denmark photos! They are just great! Makes me want to go there, too...

miss b said...

Lovely photos and I enjoyed Part 1 too. I haven't been to Denmark but it looks well worth a visit and I know I would love the cake and hot chocolate!

Mondeskind said...

You do know that those are the Luxembourg flags you wore as dresses and not the French flag....right?

Paris Pastry said...

Actually, those are Dutch flags (since we're from the Netherlands). The flag from Luxembourg has a lighter shade of blue.