Thursday, June 7, 2012

Fabulous Lingerie Store on Rue Saint-Honore

Remember when I showed you my new strapless bra? Or my pink tufted screensaver?
They were both by Chantal Thomass, lingerie-designer extraordinaire!

I love browsing her website with endless goodies and drooling at the stunning,
yet quite affordable lingerie.
It makes me wish I chose a career as a lingerie-designer.

Here is her store on Rue Saint-Honoré in Paris.
J'adore ♥!

Rue Saint-Honoré

Rue Saint-Honoré

Rue Saint-Honoré

Rue Saint-Honoré

This is the strapless bow bra I bought a few months ago.

I wish we had a boutique like this close to where I live...

Bonne Nuit,


Elizabeth {Ms Classic Glamour} said...

Oh my Gosh! Girly pink heaven! I want to go there NOW! Beautiful!
I can understand why you bought that bra... adorable!

miss b said...

What a gorgeous building and pretty store - must add it to my Paris list of new places to visit.

The Dainty Dolls House said...

This place is wonderful..I think all lingerie places should look like this :) Gorgeous items! I wear my hats at any time, whenever I feel like it, I don't really need an occasion. I've worn them out to dinner or for a walk. Hope your weekend is lovely :) xx

chateaudelille said...

That is so pretty! My daughter would love that shop. Fiona

highheeledlife said...

What a treat to have a place like this to be all things feminine and purchase one or two or three... beauties. having something wonderful under one's clothes gives our day a little OH La La!! xo HHL