Wednesday, August 22, 2012

French Madame in Copenhagen: Day 1


I'm in Denmark's capital city, Copenhagen for a couple of days.
Just some random observations I've made here on my first day in Denmark:

#1 Danish men have beautiful legs. Men aren't really supposed to have nice legs like women do. But Danish men do have them. Perfect calves, lightly tanned, and not too hairy. I feel a new weird fetish developing.

#2 Danish women do not care for wearing color. I arrived today in my pastel pink dress and even lighter beige wool cardigan. I stand out in a sea of black, blue and army green. BUT they've got hipster chic down to a tee!

#3 Danes are really into baking, cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, chocolate chip cookies and any other American sweet treat. Wow! Only day 1 and I've sampled the world's best coconut/banana/lemon cake and oreo cheesecake... I've only walked through the neighbourhood I'm staying in and I've already spotted 4 drool-worthy-looking bakeries full of colorful desserts. Paris might be great with French classics, but Copenhagen takes the crown with American-style desserts in Europe!

#4 Public trains are really expensive. You'd probably think in a country in which the lowest-income group pays 42% tax, the highest-income group 80% tax, they'd have a really cheap public transportation system. Nei. For example, I paid 36 Danish kroner for a train ticket from the airport to the city centre. That's a 20-minute train ride for €4,85, $6... Or if you would want to buy a round-trip to Arhus, which is 3 hours by train, it would cost you 800 Danish Kroner, €107, $134!! Insane! Which leaves the Danes to ride their bikes everywhere in this city.

I took pictures to accompany this post on my iPhone, but I don't have wifi
right now so I'll update this post later on :)

Tomorrow I'm going to brave Copenhagen by bike (oh dear) to do what I do best...
SHOPPING! Wish me luck! (luck for the biking part, not spending money)

Vi ses,


Lian said...

you convinced me to visit Copenhagen at point 3! drooooool ;)

Leslie said...

Very helpful observations .. I must get there to enjoy some pastries and .. I'd like to see those legs! ;)

Unknown said...

train travel in australia isn't much better - in sydney, it cost $12 AUD to travel from the airport to the city centre. this is a 10 minute trip and goes through only 3 stations!

Paris Pastry said...