Wednesday, August 29, 2012

French Madame in Copenhagen: Day 2


My second day here in Copenhagen, but my first full day.

I loved waking up to this view from my friend's balcony. I think it's kinda lovely.


But it was even lovelier getting out breakfast just steps away from my
new favorite bakery, Brødkunsten.
My friend suggested I'd try their cinnamon rolls, so I did!

Danish Cinnamon Roll

Wow! One of the best cinnamon rolls I've ever tasted.
Complete with cool skim milk makes this breakfast perfection.

So off to the city centre!
Along the way, and crossing the bridge I just had to stop to take in
the beautiful sights of Copenhagen.


I would love to do my daily-run here.
I also spotted swans in the river here :)

And how cool is this?!
A meter on the bridge that counts the cyclists that pass.
It was funny seeing how the number went up and up!
So Danish.


It says: "Hey cyclist! You are number 3345 of today.
And number 2,467,682 this year that cyclist by here.
Good trip. And thank you for bicycling by!"

After all the sweets, walking and new impressions, I was pretty hungry
and in the mood for a hearty meal. I stopped at a place called Redfellas
and ordered their ABC sandwich; advocado, bacon and chicken on brown
bread with vitamin water. Very fulfilling!

ABC Sandwich

And of course, a proper lunch needs a proper dessert, so on my way back
I stopped at Brødkunsten again and ordered a raspberry-filled
shortbread, called hinbærsnitter in Danish and another chocolate roll.

Raspberry Shortbread & Chocolate Roll

I'm in love with this place!
Some photos from their Facebook page:

Way too many sweets for me to try out this trip...
This calls for a returning visit to Copenhagen!

Till next post!


The Dainty Dolls House said...

I'm blown away by the food, haha! It all looks wonderful and huge!! Love cinnamon rolls look amazing, I would have one of those :)) Keep enjoying, this place looks marvellous!! x

Collar City Brownstone said...

I am happy to finally see some pictures of your trip. Denmark looks so spotlessly clean. I always wanted to visit there and it actually looks like a place that I would live.