Thursday, November 8, 2012

Lovely Autumn Day + New Sunglasses



Unretouched Beauty



Firmoo SunglassesFirmoo Sunglasses

What's your favorite season?
When I think about my preference of season, I don't the answer...

There's the appealing heat of the Summer sun, the beauty
of blossom in Spring, the mesmirizing sight of snow in the Winter.
And Fall has endless of vivid nature captures.

I used to take in dogs for people who went on vacation.
My favorite thing about it was, while I normally hate getting up
early in the morning, the deafening sound of being completely alone
outside except for the birds, the dog and nature is so therapeutic.

Now that I don't doggy-sit anymore, I like to take a long walk in
my backyard and capture beautiful Fall on camera.

Firmoo online optical store was so generous enough to let me
pick a pair of glasses of my liking and have them ♥.
What girl would say no to that?

I chose a groovy pair of green sunglasses with an adorable
white bow on the sides. I'm a sucker for bows :)

Firmoo Sunglasses

Thanks again Firmoo! For my readers ordering from Firmoo, you get your first pair for free!

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