Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Most Beautiful Kitchens

For me, my dream kitchen would be very white and calming,
with dark hardwood floors. This is a great example of one.

One of my favorite kitchens! It reads clean yet cosy.
I imagine it would be a Scandinavian kitchen.

Not the sort of kitchen I would choose myself,
but I think this kitchen would look lovely in a winter ski-home.

Definitely a more modern kitchen, but very beautiful.

The tiles are exquisite. A work of art.

Gorgeous kitchen! I think it would fit nicely in a
Manhattan apartment.

Real-life princess kitchen!

Very unique and rustic.
I'm a sucker for anything copper in a kitchen!

My dream kitchen! So lovely!

Again a spacious, white kitchen with dark, hardwood floors.

Now that's an island!

Stylish, glamorous kitchen! I love the touch of turquoise.

Love the chairs!

An eclectic mix of kitchens!
Which is your favorite?


claudia b said...

I love the rustic kitchen, and the one with the turquoise rug, but honestly, I would just love having a window in my kitchen, because it's so dark :D

Paris Pastry said...

@Claudia B: Me too!! I don't have a window in my tiny kitchen :)

miss b said...

I love the fresh, bright first one with the pop of subtle colour coming from the gorgeous orchids.