Friday, April 19, 2013

How To Pick a Perfect Vase

A woman’s home is never quite complete or finished without flowers.
Today’s floral arrangements are endless, as well as the colors of the flowers or the vases they come in.
A single flower in a thin, fluted vase, or a large bouquet in a modern, square vase.

These photos I’m offering you, are a helpful guide in selecting that perfect vase for your home.
Whether it’s for the living room, the kitchen or your boudoir; DIY-project vases, store-bought vases,
or Venetian glass vases… there is something for every home and every style!

Let’s start with one of my favorite vases I spotted on the web. This is one of those super easy DIY-projects.
The vase itself is quite average but it has been made eye-catching by adding gold, round stickers for a
feastful polka-dot look. The pink tulips complete this lovely décor piece.


Staying with the theme of colorful tulips, these St. Patrick’s Day vases are a bundle of joy.
They look like DIY-vases at first glance, but they are actually purchased as they were.
However, empty jars can be used for many different flower arrangements.


Another fabulous vase I spotted on this gorgeous blown glass vase with gold leaf
could be an elegant centerpiece for your dinner table. The colors in its mid-section make it
suitable for every color of flowers.


Now let’s focus on where to put these pretty vases once you have them in your home.
My personal preference is to put them artfully on a chest, desk or table.
But if I had a fireplace in my home, I’d certainly know where to put them.
These pictures demonstrate how a few vases on a fireplace, decorate the entire room:


Now on to my last favorite vases I wanted to show you; this glamorous glittered vase
completes every woman’s boudoir or walk-in closet! So luxurious.


And this DIY-project uses colored tape to embellish an ordinary, white vase.
You could also use nail stickers instead of colored tape.


I decorated my boudoir chest in my home for Easter with a tufted, ecru vase with
various Easter decorations, I’m embarrassed to say that I haven’t stored the Easter
decorations because they look so cute!

Your truly,

Images: Vases on Pinterest & Vases on


highheeledlife said...

Fabulous ideas mon ami!!! I have a couple of single serving blue-ceramic yogurt pots I brought back from my trip to Paris in 2011 and each time I use them I am always asked where I got such darling small vases... Wishing you a fab week-end..xo C. (HHL)

Margarita Bloom said...

Oh, my total favorite one is the roses in the glittered vase! LOVE!