Friday, May 17, 2013

Dream Interiors & Accessories

When we walk on the street, we all pass by a gorgeous, stunning house from time to time.
I always wonder if the interior of the house, looks as luxurious as the exterior.
I'm taking you on a trip to my fantasy house from the inside and out!

This lovely NYC townhouse is a dream!

Dream Interiors

The entrance would have a double staircase like this:

Dream Interiors

It would have cute little chests around the house, played beautifully with decorations like this picture:

Dream Interiors

The hallway neighbouring the bedrooms would look this this one:

Dream Interiors

The master bedroom would have a glamorous tufted headboard.

Dream Interiors

The bedside has a tray of my favorite perfume bottles.

Dream Interiors

To complete the rooms perfectly, I would add a home perfume!
Lampe Berger Paris is a luxury brand of home frangrances and perfumes I recently discovered.
Their lamps and home frangrances are high quality and remains the best at fragrancing
the air in a house while diffusing subtle fragrances.

Maurice Berger was a pharmacy dispenser who invented and patented the first lamp
to purify the air in 1898.
I picked a few of my favorite lamps on their website:

Lampe Berger Paris

Of course, the house wouldn't feel like home to me, without an accessory closet like this:

Dream Interiors

And all over the house, there would be beautiful decorations like these bathroom treasures.

Dream Interiors

What do you think of my dream home?

Yours truly,

Images: Pinterest & Lampe Berger Paris


M.A. the 2nd ~ Frances Russell said...

I am drooling! What a stunning townhouse ... I could move in tomorrow. Seriously gorgeous pictures!
best wishes

Margarita Bloom said...

Yep, I'm moving in. giggle...That's my kind of house.

- Regina
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