Saturday, August 24, 2013

Making the Most Out of Studios and Other Small Living Spaces

Whether you are in a small living space by choice or budget, there are plenty of ways
you can go about making the most out of the area.

Although many still adore the fold-out bed that tucks neatly into a closet, there are many other innovative and beautiful designs for the home that can turn a small table into a larger unit or convert a plant stand into a table for four.

What are some decorating ideas that can help you maximize space?

1. Bed or Couch? -

There are many designs of the traditional fold-out bed that is pulled from a couch. However, today's designers have made this adaption classy as two pieces of living room furniture can be developed from a single bed. Whether you need room for friends to visit or a conversion back to a bed, this style can be easily separated without requiring a great deal of strength or frustration.

2. Collapsible Coffee Table -

You don't need a large table in order to accommodate for several guests at once. Collapsible coffee tables can turn a small table in to a four person seating using slide-out surfaces for holding plates and glasses. Once the party is over, simply slide the leafs back into place.

3. Dining Room Sets -

Using properly developed and proportioned sizes, a simple table can house several chairs while using less space in your home. As each chair easily fits under the actual table, you can save a great deal of space without random pieces jutting out into the area.

4. eNook -

Does your living space prevent the use of a desk or computer workstation? This design for the eNook folds into itself eliminating a great deal of space when not in use. Units like these are little wider than an average bookcase and can fit on virtually any wall. These are great for studios, bedrooms, or anywhere else that has a limited amount of space for your computer work.

5. Dresser -

Having a large dresser to house all of your items may not be practical in the space you have allotted. In a design which allows you to unfold and convert your dresser, you can store a great number of items without making the bedroom look cluttered.

6. Basic Shelving -

Designing for space improvement doesn't have to be expensive or difficult to assemble. A few rails and shelving boards can turn a wall into a desk and a place to store books. The items for this development can be picked up at any hard ware store for less than $100 depending on how elaborate you want your shelving to be.

7. Couch Transformations -

There are many designs for couches that can change into other devices. In the example above, a simple couch supporting two seats and a table in the center can turn into a full sized couch with two additional seats and a center table. This could work perfect for game nights using a board or otherwise needing a table for four or five individuals.

Furniture can come in a variety of types, shapes and sizes.
Innovative designs can turn virtually any piece into a transforming object that can take on the role of others. When you don't have room in your home for large objects or need furniture that can accommodate several needs simultaneously, designers have you covered.

This is a guest post by Liz Nelson from She is a freelance writer and blogger from Houston. Questions and comments can be sent to: liznelson17 @

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