Friday, October 4, 2013

Facebook Timeline Covers: Fashion, Sweets & Romance

Another edition of a few of my Facebook timeline covers that I've made.

I like varying them on my own personal page, as well as using them for French Madame's official Facebook page.
You might have noticed some of them in the last few days.

I did Facebook timeline covers-post a year ago and it was very well received,
so here are a few of favorites again!

Enjoy using them!

1. Click on the timeline cover you would like to use.
2. The link will take you Flickr. Right-click on the timeline cover. You will see different sizes, choose 'large' or 'original' as size.
3. This will take you to a white Flickr page with the correct size. Right-click to save the image on your computer.
4. On Facebook, go to your current timeline cover and click on Change Cover, which will appear on the image.
5. Click on Upload Photo, and upload the timeline cover you have saved.

Voila! Easy, peasy as that!

Chanel and a hint of romance.

Sexy Chanel Facebook Timeline Cover

Champagne-lovers and perfect for the Holidays.

Champagne Christmas Facebook Timeline Cover


Glamour Fashion Facebook Timeline Cover

Red dresses by Dior.

Red Dresses Dior Facebook Timeline Cover

Romance in Paris.

Romance in Paris Facebook Timeline Cover

Pink Sweets: macarons, cakes & chocolate.

Pink Sweets Macarons Facebook Timeline Cover

Quote: "She loved life, and it loved her right back"

Pink Quote Facebook Timeline Cover

Adorable kittens.

White Kitten Cats Facebook Timeline Cover

Moët & Chandon lovers.

Moët & Chandon Champagne Facebook Timeline Cover

This Facebook timeline cover creates an all-white background.

Fashion Favorites Facebook Timeline Cover

Silver/white bridal feel.

Bridal Wedding Facebook Timeline Cover

With much love,

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Traci Kuhn said...

Those are all fabulous! Thanks for sharing!!