Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Paris Photo of the Day: Le Metro

Oui, le métro!
Everyone takes the metro in Paris.
Have you seen the dents and scratches in French cars?!
Nothing for me, merci!

I love taking the metro in Paris.
It's a fast, easy and cheap way to get around.
You don't even need to speak a word of French to get around.

2nd Arrondissement

This metro entrance is located on rue Réamur.
I was on my way to parc Monceau...

Metró Monceau

Can you guess what the next Paris Photo of the Day will be?


lady jicky said...

I love the metro too! So easy to get around . Sadly we do not have a underground where I live.

Anastasia Schembri said...

What a fabulous image!! Hope you don't mind if I 'PIN' it!

Paris Pastry said...

@Lady Jicky: We don't have a metro either! Too bad because it's so darn easy.

@Lily Lemontree: Of course! Looking forward to see it :)