Tuesday, December 24, 2013

French Madame's Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa
Starting today, people around the world will lavish their loved ones with gifts.
I've made my imaginary wish list once again this year.
Hopefully a few real-life presents will match!

Gift Wrapping
Dear Santa
I look forward to the day I will own a beautiful Agent Provocateur set.

Agent Provocateur

I love everything Ted Baker makes and these super cute make-up bags are super affordable!

Ted Baker
Dear Santa
It's true, I've been asking Santa for a Lady Dior bag for many years now.

Lady Dior

But an emerald Hermès Birkin bag will do as well.

Emerald Hermès Birkin
Dear Santa
I would really like to see NYC again this year.


But if you can't make that happen, then Santorini in Greece will suffice.

Santorini, Greece
Dear Santa
Other than that, I will stay modest and ask for a new Lamborghini.

Dear Santa
As an amateur baker, I think this stand mixer will look nice in my kitchen. Don't you agree?

Stand Mixer

I want to be like Ladurée and make macarons for Nina Ricci.

Ladurée for Nina Ricci

Dear Santa
Merry Christmas
dear French Madame followers!


Images: Pinterest & Flickr


Flora Fascinata said...

Dear French Madame, that is a gorgeous list and I hope you get everything on it. Xx

Anastasia Schembri said...

Merry Christmas!!