Friday, February 20, 2015

Interior design inspiration for 2015

Stuck in a interior design rut? Then fear not as I've been doing a bit of internet research to see what's going to be big in 2015, and I think that you're going to like it!

Green glamour

After all of the acid brights and pastel colours of the past few years, it looks like the colour green is going to be making a big resurgence according to the House Beautiful website.

The deeply sensual colour will work with soft wood tones and provide a sense of natural elegance to just about any interior. So with rich hues of forest green and teal you can provide your home with an enigmatic and bewitching atmosphere.

If green isn't your thing, then fear not as blue is also looking to be making something of a comeback by replacing greys and beiges as the wall colour of choice.

Old meets new

2015 is already looking to be something of a post-modern year as a big trend is emerging of having a mish-mash of old and modern styles in the same place.

This can keep things from looking too uniform or showroom inspired, and is a great way to inject a space with a bit of personality.

So hunt around in vintage shops for those chic clocks and mirrors which will create a great contrast to any modernist desks or beds that you may have. And if you're looking to upgrade your bed for the New Year, then check out this handy bed buying guide for some ideas.

Creative tiling

Beautiful tiles also seem to be making something of a comeback in 2015. With rustic folk patterns and even exotic Moroccan styles emerging, it's a great way to add a touch of charming atmosphere to a room and is a well overdue change from those stark white and beige kitchens of the past few years.

And if you're feeling somewhat financially stretched, then fear not, as there also exists some great tile effect wallpaper that will save you reaching for the grouting tool!

Industrial chic

And finally it's good to know that interior design fashion is nothing if not contradictory, as there looks to be a big resurgence in industrial themes.

Copper was a big hit last year turning up in a variety of unexpected areas. And metallics are looking to increase their presence through a proliferation of brass, bronze and deluxe golds.

But whereas there was something of a shabby-chic ethic underlying industrial chic before, in 2015 it looks to be strictly minimalist with sharp vectors and a hyper-sleek functionality.


Mike Lintro said...

It is hard to know what is going to be big in the future. But, the green looks like a pretty safe bet. It looks a lot like the modern style, but with a good twist. You could say the future of interior design is what the interior designers say it is. They are the ones with the expert opinions after all. If I could afford to remodel my home, something like this would be nice for the decorations.

Unknown said...

I just have to say that the design on the wallpaper for the wall is absolutely exquisite! In the second paragraph, I noticed something. You mentioned the soft wood tones that take the green color for a smooth ride. I really like how those colors work so well together! They probably work so well together because it's natural colors that you'd find anywhere in nature. These were honestly some amazing ideas for interior design to pull from. Thanks!

Unknown said...

I am very much excited to find out a excellent article about the interior design history and also know about how to decorate my own room in different way in different design.

Unknown said...

I much prefer something plainer decorating the walls of my house. I'd even ensure removals of wallpaper is done if the patterns are too garish. This new trend is definitely not for me!