Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Laduree, Harrods in London


I was for a short trip (4 days) in lovely London, which felt like way too short of a trip to see the city properly. But I managed to visit Ladurée, as I feel like as a pastry-admirer I should always stop at Ladurée. Already having checked off every Ladurée location in Paris, this is my first non-French Ladurée location. And which lovelier setting could I possibly imagine than having Ladurée next to Chanel, Rolex, and Fendi in Harrods department store?!


Ladurée, Harrods

I was in desperate need for chocolate after hiking up 7 floors of shopping heaven, so I ordered a hot chocolate, which is more like a molten bar of heavenly chocolate. If you remember, I made the recipe for Ladurée's hot chocolate a while ago, see here.

Ladurée, Harrods

Dorie Greenspan writes in her book Paris Sweets: "Whenever friends ask for a list of things they should do in Paris, I always tell them they must go to Ladurée for hot chocolate – it is one of the delights of being in the city. Chocolat chaud made in the Ladurée style is unabashedly rich, luxuriously thick, textbook smooth, and the kind of delicious that forces you to stop all reasonable conversation so you can sip and murmur, “Mmmmm.”"

Next to the chocolate chaud, I ordered a Ladurée favorite of mine - the St. Honoré Rose Framboise. I previously ordered a Saint Honoré Rose Framboise when I went on vacation in Paris during a Summer. Rose-flavours, whipped cream, and a rapsberry filling skyrockets this dessert into my all-time favorite pastries.

Ladurée, Harrods

Ladurée, Harrods

All in all, another wonderful visit to Ladurée.

Ladurée, Harrods



Loiriam said...

Your post is nice and beautiful. :) I love chocolat! <3 <3 <3 <3

highheeledlife said...

Oh you lucky girl!!! I can't wait till end of month to get my own Ladurée African Chocolat Chaud fix in Paris!!! beautiful photos ... xo