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Characteristics of Bordered Natural Area Rugs


Characteristics of Bordered Natural Area Rugs

Nothing brings together a space in your home quite like a bordered area rug. While there is a vast array of natural fiber rugs available, including wool sisal rugs, sisal rugs and jute rugs, you should not overlook the pristine beauty of a bordered area rug. This floor covering consists of natural fibers with normal irregularities throughout. The variations in the shading and weaving is part of the rug’s charm. Each one has a distinct character, and there are plenty of other characteristics you are bound to enjoy in your newest furnishing.


You will generally find the cuts in bordered area rugs along the valley of the ribs. They may also be located among the buried thread. Although you are likely used to square rugs, this variation may be slightly askew due to the inherent imperfections of each roll.

Custom Fabrication

Each rug is individually fabricated from larger broadloom carpet rolls. As a result, you receive a one-of-a-kind rug that will make your living or family room stand out in the best way.


Size and Texture

As a result of the variations that exist within natural fibers, which also holds true for seagrass rugs, there will typically be an irregular weave. This leads to the rug’s edges not being perfectly straight. This is not a mistake with the border application. Some materials simply have greater skewing or bowing than others. They will be cut as squarely as possible, but it may require “jumping ribs.”


You can select either a vertical or horizontal pattern. The size of the rugs in addition to the material allow for both options.

Initial Opening

When you open your new bordered area rug, you should expect the scent of ammonia. While it is strong, you should not worry. This smell usually dissipates within 48 hours.


You should also expect some shedding of any loose fibers that exist on the rub. This is a result of the processing used to create wool rugs. When any manufacturer creates a rug, it goes through a combing process, which eliminates any broken or short fibers. However, some of these substances may still fall onto the surface and appear as fluff. You can take solace in knowing this excess fiber consists of a small portion of the total amount of fiber present on the rug.

Proper Care

You should never pull on these rugs by the border. In the event the borders start to wrinkle, you can iron them on medium heat with zero steam. Aside from that, you can take care of your rug through regular vacuuming. With adequate maintenance, you can help diminish the impact of shedding over time.


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