Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Just in Case


Travel in style!

Neiman Marcus:
1. Terrida, LTD - "Pasha" Luggage
2. Bric's - Pink Crocodile-Embossed Luggage
3. Giraffe Luggage
4. Crowns Luggage
5. Bric's - "Safari" Luggage
6. Longchamp - "Le Pliage" Fold-up Bags
7. Lanvin - Suitcase Honeymoon Set


Anonymous said...

Absolutely! Especially if you're travelling on a private jet and there's no baggage allowance... I saw a photo of Paris Hilton in an article yesterday, surrounded by numerous Louis Vuitton cases...

Mariel Torres said...

i am leaving to puerto rico in 3 days and i would absolutely love to have these to take with me ;)

VM Creation Atelier said...

The are unbelievebly nice...and for sure the first one!!!
Great vacation state of mind:-)*


Black is the New Black said...

the longchamps are the best and indestructible - I could use a rolling one!

Simply Beautiful World said...

Ooh I love the pink luggage!


vishali said...

I would love to buy these bags

vishali said...

I would love to buy these bags