Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Week That Was in Pictures

Monday: Stocking up in beauty supplies

Make-Up Items

Tuesday: Completely unretouched (found in my backyard)

Unretouched Beauty

Wednesday: Picked up my new glasses

Bvlgari Glasses

Thursday: Lunch ... vanilla custard pastry

Vanilla Custard Pastry

Friday: A thing for lace

A Thing For Lace

Saturday: Autumn walk

Autumn Walk

Sunday: October 10th, 2010


How was your past week?


Unknown said...

Love this post sweetheart x

VM Creation Atelier said...

Just wordless...inspire me,dear Daniella:-)))*


highheeledlife said...

oh i just adore Chanel cosmetics too! ... its amazing what nature grows ...Had a great week-nd in Florida with family..HHL

Eden Angel said...

Lovely pictures! x

Abacaxi & Hortelã said...

Gorgeous pictures!! And just looooove that Thursday lunch!
Bisous de Versailles, Chantal

Tatieva, pink said...

Petits pois, dentelles et rose girly, j'adore cette délicate mise en scène !
So lovely...

Anonymous said...

I love this - gorgeous

Sweet Freak said...

Oh... Bvlgari, custard tarts, lacy underthings, autumn strolls... tu as la vie, non?!?

Sugarpie said...

Beautiful blog!
Lace, love, food...
and Chanel!
A devine combination.