Thursday, August 18, 2011

French Mademoiselle in Paris: Day 15


oday is my last day in Paris.
We leave in a couple of hours.

We'll be heading towards Gare du Nord and taking the high speed train
back to Holland.

Gare du Nord

This morning we did a little bit of last-minute shopping, packing and
cleaning up the apartment.

I have loved every second of these last 2 weeks.
Staying in Paris for so long and having my own little apartment to stay
has been a dream of mine for many years.
I'm so glad I finally puckered up the courage to do it.

I will miss my street, Rue Saint-Sauveur.

Rue Saint Sauveur, Paris

Which is just off the pedestrian street Rue Montorgueil, filled with bakeries,
pâtisseries, restaurants and shops.


I will miss getting le petit déjeuner from Maison Collet.

Maison Collet

I will miss taking the subway from Réaumur - Sébastopol.

2nd Arrondissement

I will miss walking through the beautiful streets of Paris and gawking
at the even-more gorgeous buildings.

7th Arrondissement

I will miss the beautiful parks that lie here and there in Paris.

Parc Monceau

I will miss walking past the Seine, refusing to take the metro,
just to see the view.

Île Saint-Louis

I will miss the lovely window displays.

Ladurée - Rue Bonaparte

The stores, of course ;)


But one of things I will miss the most is the Eiffel Tower,
popping out everywhere.

Eiffel Tower

I hope you have enjoyed my journey with me!

Au Revoir,


Anonymous said...

Your journey has been wonderful and it has been lovely to revisit my beautiful Paris. I had a dream too like yours to live there for 2 weeks and did this May - June. It was perfection. I thought maybe I might then have had my fill of Paris but no. The city still continues to draw me back time and time again.
I haven't started planning my next trip yet but I am sure it will happen.
I didnt realise you were in Holland. My brother lives there - in Castricum. I have taken the thalys from Gare de Nord to Amsterdam a few times.
Safe journeys.

Abacaxi & Hortelã said...

I've enjoyed every day of it!! Have a safe trip home!
Bisous from Versailles,

Shareena said...

You had a lovely trip at Paris! so fun to watch ! ^_^ I am sure you will return! ^_^

Jenn said...

Very much so. Your 15 days has helped me count down to mine and excite me all at the same time.

Lovely photos.

Cherry Blossoms said...

Safe travels back to Holland.
The photos are lovely but now I am sad. Isn't it amazing how city can capture a piece of your heart? Paris, is truly a magical place.

Lucie said...

Just saw your post--I spent a year rue st sauveur! Glad you loved it :)

Cathy said...

Lovely trip, lovely photos. I will be heading to Paris (my 4th visit!) next week and your postings helped put me right in the mood. I cannot wait.

chateaudelille said...

You inspire me to do the same and stay in an apartment. I have very much enjoyed sharing your journey. Safe travels home. Fiona

Sweet Freak said...

I hope you had the most incredible time! You were staying in my old neighborhood - thanks for bringing back wonderful (and delicious) memories!

Anonymous said...

Fantastica Madame Eiffel...... J'Aime Paris!!! Sara

Escritora de Artes said...

Conheço Paris, é uma das cidades mais lindas que já conheci, parabéns pelas fotos!