Monday, August 22, 2011

Giveaway: 'Spun Sugar Paperie' Ladurée Watercolor Paintings! - Closed

To put an ending to my 'French Mademoiselle in Paris' posts,
I am celebrating my homecoming with a giveaway.

Think of this as a goodbye party.
Party. Wear heels.

The fabulous Spun Sugar Paperie, whose store you can find on Etsy,
is giving away one of her watercolor paintings.

You get to choose which one you'd like!

Here are your 3 picks:

1) Ladurée Macaron Chart (8 × 10)

Spun Sugar Paperie

2) Ladurée l'entremet Marie-Antoinette (5 × 7)

Spun Sugar Paperie

3) Ladurée Saint-Honoré Rose Framboise (6 × 9)

Spun Sugar Paperie

All you have to do is:

1. Visit Spun Sugar Paperie and tell me which item(s) you like.

2. Leave a comment stating which of three watercolor paintings is your favorite,
and write down your contact information. If you have a Blogger account,
and your email is on there, that's fine too.

3. For a second entry, become or be a public follower of French Mademoiselle on Blogger.

&nd that's it! Giveaway closes on September 1st.

Bonne Chance!

This giveaway is closed!


Splenderosa said...

Love that she's going to be offering new printed silk scarves, which will be great for holiday gifting.

The 2nd piece would be the one for me.

And, I already follow.

Sending a big Texas hug.....

Eden Angel said...

wow it's so hard to find a favourite. They all look delicious!

I quite like the three tiered wedding cake - yum!

Out of the three.. argh this is difficult. mmmm maybe the Ladurée Saint-Honoré Rose Framboise. Simple yet very pretty.

I'm following you on this blog, your Paris Pastry blog (both publicly) and your Facebook page :)

Eden Angel said...

Oh and thanks to you and Spun Sugar Paperie for the competition! I hope you had a great time in Paris. I would love to visit one day :)

Kat Skull said...

I l-o-v-e the second one; super adorable!

claudia b said...

I LOVE the Macaron chart!

claudia b said...

I am a devoted follower :D

claudia b said...

I would love the Chanel shopping bag print from the shop!

Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

I am a happy follower too! Looking forward to seeing the scarves she is going to put in her shop. Very talented and it would be hard to pick but I would have to go with the Laudree Macaron Chart. I love it.

sarah @ pao e queijo said...

I LOVE the Three Berthillon Ice Cream Cones Watercolor Painting on Spun Sugar Paperie. Out of these three, I absolutely adore the Ladurée Macaron Chart... I can totally see it in my kitchen :)


Leila said...

Bonsoir Danielle!

J'adore the Ladurée Macaron Chart! C'est tres beau!

Love Leila

Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea Danielle - I just adore the macaron chart. Welcome home. X

Kathy C said...

They're all beautiful, but if I had to choose Patisserie Assortment.
Of the 3 watercolors, Ladurée Macaron Chart.
Of course I already follow your lovely, lovely blog.
Kathy C.

Cheyanne Ramirez said...

Wow~. I definitely enjoyed spunsugarpaperie's Laduree art notecard set - Patisserie Assortment. They're just so lovely it's something I'd definitely think about purchasing. Looking at the three it's really difficult to choose since they are all very lovely in their own ways.
But if I had to choose it'd definitely have to be Ladurée l'entremet Marie-Antoinette.

Let the people have their cake indeed!

d e l i g h t said...

Her paintings are beautiful and the coloring is so pretty. In her shop I love the Macaroons, Eclairs & Desserts. Of the three you show I love the Laduree macaroon chart. I am already one of your followers.
Thanks so much.

Anonymous said...

What a great little shop! Thanks for the introduction... I like the macaroon one best! xo

laynalayna said...

love her subjects so much! I've been so lucky to study abroad in Paris for a month last year and miss it so much. Your photos made me so happy, but also made me want to go back!
Big box of Macarons and all of the notecards are some of my favorites, and the Macarons chart is my favorite for the giveaway :)
Thanks for the contest!

Ps - I don't have a blogger account, but I do follow via my google reader if that counts? :)

Gretchen said...

I love the macaron chart, but the chart with other Lauduree desserts is also wonderful. Who am I kidding...I liked all of them, and now have a great idea for my daughter's room!!

Bill said...

How can anyone choose between the three? They are all wonderful! I guess if I were to somehow magically win, though, I would choose number 2. Marie Antoinette was/is infinitely fascinating. I guess I think that because I love cake. But I also love macarons. That must be the Canadian French blood in me showing up. Hmm. You don't have to have any kind of French blood in you to love macarons. They look and taste so good! Oh well. I better just quit writing before I get thrown out.

StTropezienne said...

The Ladurée Macaron Chart is beautiful. I Hope you had a magnifique time in France!BTW The French Mademoiselle in Paris posts were truly inspiring. Please contact me by email.

CaraLynne said...

The first picture.. the Ladurée Macaron Chart
is the one I would love for my kitchen!

I have been a follower for a long time's my escape!!

I follow you on this blog, and your Paris Pastry blog (both publicly)
Thanx! Cara

Lorelai226(at) gmail(dot)com

Anonymous said...

This is like the BEST giveaway! My favorite in the shop is between the Laudree Macaron Chart and the Three Lemon Yellow Macaron.

But I want that Macaron Chart, the first picture!

I'm already following you publicly. Email is :)

Tip Top Shape said...

I just discovered your food blog while searching for a vegan oatmeal cookie recipe and have subsequently fallen in love with this one! I clicked on over to the etsy page and love the "Two Black Forest Chocolate Cupcakes Watercolor". It almost looks romantic! As for the ones on your website, I adore the macaroon chart. I have a wall in my apartment that it would look perfect on ;)

Tip Top Shape said...

And I just followed you!

Anonymous said...

I like the stationery, though everything she makes is lovely and scrumptious looking.

The Macaron chart is my favorite of the three watercolors.

Fun giveaway!

I enjoyed your posts from Paris. Looks like you had gorgeous weather during your visit.

Elizabeth said...

Hello from a future Parisienne!

I think the Macaron chart is charming, and I can't wait to have tea and macarons at Ladurée when I get to Paris next month.

Really enjoyed your Paris photos.

Commander-In-Chic said...

I really loved the Pink Rose Cakes on Spun Sugar. J'Adore the macaroon chart but not as much as I swooned over Ladurée l'entremet Marie-Antoinette! I follow your blog publically through my blog! I have really enjoyed this trip with you the most. Merci!

chateaudelille said...

Such pretty items. I loved the notecards too. Id love to be able to paint like that. My fave is number two, all pink and pretty. Im already a happy follower. Have a great week, Fiona

prim.rose said...

Oh... I could pick them all! But my favorite from her shop is either the big box of macarons print or the three lemon yellow macarons. I would love a chance to win the macaron chart!

Vær våken said...

Wow...definitely the last one. It would fit perfectly on my daughters new room!!! Happy Wednesday!!

Love, Kristin

Vær våken said...

And I'm a follower, of course!