Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Few Flicks From Past Week

Leopard FlatsStrawberry Tart
Danish KronerFlower Sandals
Beaded SandalsFunny T-Shirt
Dutch Girl SkirtAlmond Danish Pastry

I bought those 2 sandals and leopard flats for a combined 50 euros!
I picked up Danish Kroner at the bank. I'm still getting used to the foreign money.
T-Shirt spotted at H&M. Where's the women's version?
The skirt is part of my 'Dutch girl costume' I need to wear on cultural evening in Denmark.

Au Revoir,


Tip Top Shape said...

That skirt is so cute!!

miss b said...

Your lovely shoes were such a bargain and I would love to be eating that the strawberry tart right now!!

waste removal said...

I love those sandals!