Monday, August 27, 2012

French Madame in Copenhagen: Day 5

Yesterday was day 5, but I was quite literally coming from Copenhagen's food
festival, to plane, to Maastricht's food festival (the Netherlands).
Need to do some serious healthy eating this week!

#17 Elderly Danes are so helpful. It was only an hour bus ride from my place to Copenhagen's airport. But in that ride 3 very friendly, older Danes helped me by giving me information (even when I didn't ask) and took the time to wish me well on my yourney and traveling. So lovely.

Again, boy talk...

#18 Danish men love to wear shorts. OBVIOUSLY this is because of observation #1. When you got it, flaunt it! I'm not complaining. *drools*

#19 Danish language seems to me as a mixture of Dutch, English and German. A few times when I was standing in line, walking through the city or waiting for the elevator, I glanced back at me because I thought Dutch tourists where standing behind me. I kept hearing Dutch words like "beneden" (downstairs), "stopcontact" (electricity output), "precies" (exactly), "bh" (bra), "rust" (rest). But it turned out they were Danish and a lot of words in the Danish language are exactly the same. And in Danish skim milk is "skummet maelk". I can almost read everything!

#20 Denmark is a great country. Danes are supposedly the happiest people in the world. I can see why now. I would love to live here! Which Danish family would be kind enough to take me in? I can't pay rent, but I can guarentee you dessert every night!

I will show you my photos tomorrow and do a recap of everything
on Paris Pastry =)

Hej Hej!

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Haha..those are glad you are enjoying yourself :) I look forward to the photos. xx