Friday, October 25, 2013

Paris Photo of the Day: Berko Cupcakes

It is truly hard to find a cupcakery in Paris.
But I managed to track one down!

Berko Cupcakes is today's PPOTD!

Look Drool over their great selection:

Berko Cupcakes

They all looked so delicious!
I was having the hardest time picking just a few.

In the end, I chose key lime and rose flavors.

Berko Cupcakes

Berko Cupcakes

Berko Cupcakes lies on Rue Rambuteau.


miss b said...

Pretty cupcakes and difficult to choose a flavour when they all look so appetising but key lime would have been my choice!

Damon said...

Looks tasty cupcakes why don't you try photos on cupcakes it looks amazing and so yummy too.