Friday, March 7, 2014

My Marie Antoinette Costume for Carnaval!

Marie Antoinette Costume

As you may remember, I showed you a peek at my Marie Antoinette costume a few weeks ago.
This is the costume I bought which was very beautiful, yet not too expensive.
I couldn't find any good tips on the internet on how to dress like her, so I'm telling you my experience:

Marie Antoinette Costume

The costume came in looking just like this with matching stockins and a pink bow hairclip.
Only it was waaay too small! I'm usually a size XS/34/4, and I couldn't even get in a size Small.
The fabric has no stretch at all, so I ordered a Medium.
Which was difficult to get in to as well, but at least once I was in, it was comfortable.
I ordered the costume from a Dutch website, but sells it as well.

Marie Antoinette Costume

Then the hair... I couldn't find a good baroque wig so I used my blonde wig from last year.
I pinned the hair upwards with a hairclip and added a lot of accessories, which I bought on
In my hair I have 3 pink bows (one came with the costume, the others were from H&M), a pearl
headband and a white feather piece (RoseWholeSale).
The pink bow earrings are also from RoseWholeSale.

Marie Antoinette Costume

Since Carnaval in February in the Netherlands is very cold, I wore
thick hot pink tights under the dress and a white top.
The costume is very low-cut so you might want to cover up your girls anyway with a top.
The dress was also incredibly short, so I bought a large children's size pink bottom
from H&M, which worked out perfectly!

Marie Antoinette

And for make-up I used a very light foundation, and a very bright
pink blusher. I used my Chanel liquid eyeliner to make the little black heart.


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highheeledlife said...

Oh La La mon ami ... your look tres chic!!! what a fabulous costume. Hugs, C. (HHL)