Friday, May 9, 2014

In a New York State of Mind

For some reason my mind keeps wandering to my New York trip I took a few years ago.
I've been watching several NYC-based movies (The Great Gatsby, You've Got Mail) and
television series (Sex and the City) to relive some of the scenes that I actually saw in real life.

I'm desperate for traveling back to the States, and my plans to re-visit
change every year... :(

I guess for the upcoming year, I'll have to satisfy myself with my pictures from 2009.
Here's what I miss:

The vivid Times Square.
Times Square

The gorgeous sceneries and views in Central Park.
Central Park

Central Park

Central Park

These stunning homes on the Upper West Side.
Upper West Side

Getting the "good bagels" from H&H Bagels.
H&H Bagels

Beautiful street view from the Plaza hotel.
Plaza Hotel

And the Flatiron building.
Flatiron Building

After reporting about the 2014 Met Gala, I miss the Metropolitan Museum.
Metropolitan Museum

And its American Wing in it.
Metropolitan Museum

I miss quirky SoHo.

And stopping by Tast-D-Lit (several times a day).
Tasti D Lite

And Crumbs Bakery.
Crumbs Bakery

But most of all, I miss the iconic view of the city skyline - which has never left me.
Manhattan Skyline

Have you been to NYC, French Madame followers?


YanaNYC said...

I live in NYC!

Paris Pastry said...

Ugh, so jealous! :D

Anonymous said...

crumbs are going out of business :(((